Mighty Arabs News · Conditioning on Monday November 30th.

First and foremost I am excited and  looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the our first day of conditioning practices. But, before you are allowed back on campus please make sure that you are completely cleared on athleticclearance.com which includes you uploading your doctors physical, insurance card and covid-19 paperwork. You must also electronically sign all the documents that are required by you and your parents to sign.

Now, some procedures for drop-off and pick-up by sport.

Football- drop off in front of gymnasium and report to your coaches on the side of the gym next to football entrance. Pick-up will be in the same location.

Volleyball- drop off by tennis/pool gates and report to coaches which will be located in between the visiting bleachers and pool. Pick up will be in the same location.

Cross- Country- drop off in front of gym and meet your coaches in front of the gym. Both cohorts lineups are in front of the gym. Pick-up will be in the same location.


  • If you are sick or are feeling any symptoms of Covid-19 please stay home and do not come to conditioning practices, remember that these is all volunteer workouts and are not mandatory practices. So if you feel sick please be responsible let your coach know that you will not be making it and just stay home.
  • As soon as you step out of your car please make sure that you have a mask on and stay 6 feet apart from any other person that may be around you.
  • Be prepared to come to practice fully dressed and ready to go as no locker rooms will be available.
  • Bring your own water, you are not allowed to stay at practice of you do not have your own water. We are not allowed to give water to anyone on campus.
  • Make sure that your ride is not late to drop you off or pick you up. If you are late you will be sent home. We cannot have athletes show up after the screening process has been done by the coaches because they are going to be actively practicing with the other athletes and will not be able to screen you in. Please also ask that your parents are on time or before the time that they are to pick you up. Student athletes are not allowed on campus for any reason.

I hope that you all have a great rest of your day and let’s get this conditioning off to a great start tomorrow.

Go Arabs!